zMAD 3.0 

Leadership Experience 

The Make a Difference (zMAD) Leadership Experience elevates ASB and student leaders of HIgh Schools and Middle Schools to lead their student body to a more inclusive, and empathetic school culture

The zMAD 3.0 Leadership Experience is an evidence-based leadership program built around service learning, that works on the underlying belief that students can make a difference and change the world - their world. Students identify a problem at their school, spend three days in an immersive residential program at Simpson University, and develop a plan on how they will use existing ASB activities to cultivate a more inclusive, empathetic school culture. The students work with the zMAD team and Simpson students to implement their plan.

zMAD is a Leadership Program that develops a sense of value, purpose and potential in students as they work to cultivate a more inclusive and empathetic school culture. 

"When you get a glimpse of your potential, passion is formed" Zig Ziglar



  • Provides coaching and ongoing support for ASB Advisor and Student Government
  • Empowers students to be a part of the solution
  • Designed to help schools maximize existing resources
  • Charges student leadership to think beyond rallies
  • Provides student voice and collaboration between students and administration
  • School-specific solution planning for school-specific issues
  • Students get to showcase their efforts and tell their stories of how they were able to change their school culture.


  • Our team works with your Student Government and Advisor
  • Survey data and LCAP AMO are collected to create a school profile
  • Student leaders work with Administration to identify short list of student issues to address
  • Charges student leadership to think beyond rallies
  • ASB Executive Board (5-7 students) and Advisor/Counselor attend a summer leadership program (2-3 days) at Simpson University
  • Schools are provided on-going zMAD team support and coaching during 2019-20 school year

We believe that the youth are not tomorrow's leaders but today's. The truth is, we need them, and we need their unique perspective. We hand them a match, and they light a fire that will continue to burn long after our program has commenced. 

COST - $2,500 per school (5 students. $500each student for a max of 7 students) 

The Program costs $5,000 per school.  We are getting organizations. and local businesses to sponsor half the cost.

  • Regional Kick Off event Spring 2019
  • Student survey tool
  • Registration for up to 5 students and Advisor for the residential leadership training in July at Simpson University
  • Supplemental leadership curriculum and materials for the Advisor to use throughout the year
  • Site visit with zMAD coach and ASB/Leadership class
  • Regular monthly follow-up and monitoring
  • Registration for school team to attend regional end of year celebration event


zMAD 2.0

zMAD is the passion project of Zedbridge, an educational nonprofit based in Redding, California. It is a collaboration of local administrators, educators, university professors, community influencers, and non-profits. As an organization, we see a need in Redding for teens to be mentored and given the chance to lead. We believe that every student is bursting with talents and abilities, and we deeply desire to encourage them to confidently embrace their life purpose.  

We have a vision that this leadership project will not only create lasting ripples of change in Redding but will expand outside our city walls. We see a generation rising up, being empowered, and using their talents and abilities to ignite change. Not only are we sending out a battalion of leaders and world-changers, but the social projects envisioned, developed, and implemented will add civic value to our Redding community. 

Zedbridge is innovating alternative education tools for schools around the world.  Zedbridge is helping students reach their full potential through alternative education.